• Poolside Car Crash 35"Wx48"Hx13"D

  • Poolside Car Crash Side View

  • Pool Side Car Crash 2 40"Wx47"Hx12"D

  • Swimming in Chrome 32"Wx42"Hx11"D

  • Venus de Mylar 29"Wx45"Hx13"D

  • Cloud Bursting 40"Wx30"Hx12"D

  • Streamline Baby

    Streamline Baby


  • Streamline Baby (side view)

    Streamline Baby (side view)

    Sculpted photograph

  • Speeding Bullets 42"Hx28"Wx12"D

  • Chrome # 3

    Chrome # 3

    Metal Jacket 20"x33"x10"

  • Fat Whitewalls 34"Hx22"Wx11"D

  • Wings of Desire  30"x40"x12"

    Wings of Desire 30"x40"x12"

    Sculpted Photograph

  • Wings of Desire  (side view)

    Wings of Desire (side view)

    Sculpted photograph.

Recent Work

Sculptures are created from abstract photographs printed on heavy fine art paper. The images derive from the reflections of paint, glass, metal and the environment that occur in the chrome bumpers and slick paint of classic American cars.

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